Christian Keller of the US Army

I received a few more troop Salutes after we discussed 9/11 just a couple of weeks ago on the show. That event was responsible for so many Americans waking up and realizing their own role and their own responsibility in the security of our country. Today we honor Private Christian Keller of the United States Army. Christian’s mother Heather wrote in with this salute. “September 11th changed all of our lives” She said, “I am so proud of my son to accept the demands of service to keep his family and friends safe.” Keller was a young man when 9/11 happened, much too young to enlist at the time.  But that new American sense of duty and responsibility to service meant that his family instilled these values into Christian, like so many other families. Christian grew up knowing that he wanted to do his part for the country when he could. Keller completed basic training last year, and his mother couldn’t be more proud of her son’s dedication. “He is following in his grandfather’s footsteps of service, and we are all praying for him each day.” His mother tells me. We are proud of Christian too, just like we’re proud of everyone who signs on that line. Today we salute Private Christian Keller of the Unites States Army. And that is why we are saluting Private Christian Keller of the Unites States Army National Guard.