Christine Sloan of the US Army

So many of our salutes are for veterans and individuals with long storied service records. The Troop Salute is here to honor and support everyone who has made the commitment to protect this nation. It doesn’t matter if someone is a 3-Star General who put in 38 years of service, or a fresh recruit who’s just getting through boot camp for the first time, they are serving this nation and they are our strength. Today we salute Christine Sloan of the United States Army. Christine is not still that fresh recruit, but she has been in the Army for just under 1 year. Christine’s best friend Lindsey sent me the salute. Lindsey wants Christine to know how proud she is of her decision to serve, and although the two friends aren’t going to get to see each other much for the next few years, Lindsey knows that Christine is doing something much bigger than herself. Christine is planning to take advantage of some of the education programs that the Army offers, and wants to get her degree while she’s in. For taking that leap, and making the commitment to serve this nation, today we salute Christine Sloan of the United States Army.