Christopher Labreck of the US Coast Guard

Today we have a salute from a wife to a husband. This wife wanted to make sure to mention that she is not only saluting her husband who she is very proud of, but also each and every member of his branch of service, because she feels like they don’t get the credit they deserve. Today we salute Boatswains Mate 2nd Class Christopher Labreck of the United States Coast Guard. Christopher’s wife and biggest fan Christine Labreck wrote me for this salute because she says the Guardsmen don’t get nearly enough attention for what they do for us every day. BM2 Christopher Labreck has been in the Coast Guard for Just over 8 years. He has had duty stations all over the US including the very busy Gulf Coast region.
Christine says they are currently stationed up in the North now, and while they miss the weather of Florida, they don’t always miss the action. She wanted to remind us all that Guardsman are really the last line of defense for the US, and they are on high alert every day on the water and in the air, because this is one of the only branches that faces danger every day of the year, even when they can still see home. She is so proud of Christopher and all he has done for her and for the country, and she says their next adventure together is going to be parenthood. Today we salute Boatswain’s Mate 2 Christopher Labreck of the United States Coast Guard