Clarence Mehlenbeck III of the US Navy

A troop salute can trigger more troop salutes.  It happens all the time. Just a short time ago we did a troop salute for a serviceman who was a dentist in the Army. I believe that salute probably reminded the person sending in today’s salute about the person they wanted to honor. Today we salute Lieutenant Commander Clarence “Doc” Mehlenbeck III of the United States Navy. Lieutenant Commander Mehlenbeck is known as “Doc” because he was a doc in the Navy. Specifically a Dentist. You can see how I put together that connection now! Doc Mehlenbeck served the nation from 1971 until 1995.  After Lieutenant Commander Mehlenbeck left the Navy, he continued serving the community as a dentist at Willamette Dental in Silverdale, Washington. This salute was sent to us by P1 Holly Llots, who also served in the military, but she wants the Doc to get the attention today. “He truly cared for his fellow service members, and it showed.” Holly says.  “He was well loved by all that knew him.” Doc Mehlenbeck passed away much too early and is no longer with us, but those who knew him share stories all the time. Today we Salute Lieutenant Commander Clarence Mehlenbeck III for his amazing 24 years of service to the Navy and to the Nation.