Corey Wenning of the US Army

Everyone assumes the parents of young Americans who sign up to head off into the service are proud of their troop. A much harder family member to impress, though, might be a sister or brother. The sibling we heard from for this salute was impressed enough with her brother to let the world know. Today we Salute United States Army PFC Corey Wenning. Corey’s sister Chrystal submitted this salute to us because she says “Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, he is my little brother and I’m proud of him.” When he was still in high school, Corey was sure he wanted to do his part by serving his nation, so immediately after graduating in 2015, he enlisted in the Army. While was waiting to leave for training he attended a class called Future Soldier Training. Corey left for training in July of 2016.  He graduated from boot camp and moved on to A.I.T at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Now serving for a few years, Wenning works in Army Intelligence, and his sister Chrystal says that’s a great fit for her little brother and she couldn’t be more proud of him. For his service to the nation, and for showing younger brothers everywhere that they can impress that older sister, today we salute Corey Wenning of The United States Army.