D-U, Eh?

Sara from Federal Way has written for help with her boyfriend David. They’ve been together for a few years but she says two weekends every month he takes long weekends with his buddies to party in Vancouver BC. She can’t go to Canada because she has a DUI which stops her at the border. She feels like this is insensitive of him, but also she feels left out and like he is putting her second to his buddies. She also wonders if maybe there are women involved when they go. When David comes on, he says she is exaggerating about how often he goes to Canada although he admits it is about ten times a year. He says this is something he has done with these same buddies for several years and it’s their “thing”, and he says he and Sara go other places together. He also throws in a comment about how she brought this on herself with the DUI. The P1’s have some choice words for both of them.