Daniel Cotnoir of the USMC

There are many fields to work in for our military, and today’s troop’s military occupational specialty is definitely in the spirit of the Halloween season. Today we salute Sergeant Daniel Cotnoir of the United States Marine Corps. Sergeant Cotnoir is a mortuary affairs specialist. Outside of the Corps he is a husband and father with his wife Kate and two their daughters, Ashley and Morgan, and they are all so proud of him. Daniel started his journey at Camp Pendleton, California, where he was assigned to help train Marines in mortuary affairs. Previously, the Corps had relied on Army units for this work and Cotnoir helped pioneer a new mortuary affairs military occupational specialty for the Marine Corps by training 40 Marines in mortuary and remains-recovery skills. Cotnoir has been deployed to Iraq, where his unit was tasked with retrieving fallen Marines. Off the battlefield, he’s a funeral home director. Cotnoir has been recognized by his superiors as an outstanding Marine who treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity the job of getting deceased Marines home. But even for a funeral home director, the memories of the job still weigh heavy on the heart. Cotnoir continues his service by volunteering for military funeral details a couple of times per month and is on the board of directors for an organization that raises money for local hospitals.