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David Morse on Tom Hanks Being Funny While Filming ‘The Green Mile’ and Breaking a Finger Filming A Fight Scene with Shia LaBeouf + Popular Songs that Make You Think Of Movies + Movie Review: Death on the Nile (In-Theaters)

Mike is talking to David Morse who played “Brute” in The Green Mile from 1999. They talk about what it was like filming such an emotional movie and how Tom Hanks kept the mood light. Mike also has David confirm a rumor about him from his movie Disturbia involving a fight scene with Shia LaBeouf. Before that interview, Mike talks about famous songs that he associated with movies. They are all songs that weren’t actually written for the movie but had such good placement that made them memorable. Plus a spoiler free movie review of Death on the Nile which is in theaters now. And in the trailer park, A look at Jordan Peele’s “Nope” and the new Elvis biopic. 
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