Amy’s 4 Things

Dealing With Miscarriage: You’re Not Alone. The 5 Second Rule. Tattoo Talk. Marathon Running Tips. (#22)

First thing: Amy wants this podcast to be a place where nobody feels alone…and while she can’t relate to having a miscarriage…she knows a lot of women are going through loss such as this…so she was grateful that her friend Jill was willing to come on and share her story.  Second thing: Have you heard of the “5 Second Rule”? Well, if you suffer from ADD or you’re scared to just go do something that you know is something you NEED to do…this is something you’ll want to hear about and implement into your life. Third thing: Want to get a tattoo??? Amy talks about her tattoos, where you should consider getting one if you want least amount of pain, and Amy’s 11-year-old daughter also chimes in with her opinion on tattoos.  Fourth thing: Need running tips?? While Amy doesn’t run anymore…she once ran a marathon (26.2 miles!!!) so she does have experience with long distance and shares some tips on how to accomplish such a feat. However, she warns of how it messed with her life…i.e. her boyfriend at the time definitely broke up with her because of it. 🙂
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