Amy’s 4 Things

Dealing with Rage. Setting Boundaries. Using 'I' Language. Grieving + Dating.

FIRST THING: Amy’s therapist Kathryn Defatta{@threecordstherapy} is here to talk with Amy about working through strong emotions and rage. Where do these feelings come from and how do we work through them?? Kathryn gives great insight into why we may react a certain way and how to overcome it. SECOND THING: Do you have boundaries set up in your life? Boundaries help train people how to teach us and it is so important to start building them in life. Amy and Kathryn talk about what parenting and boundaries look like. 
THIRD THING: Amy reads an email from a listener about using the language of ‘I feel, I want’, and how important it is to communicate in this way in your relationships. FOURTH THING: Kathryn gives advice to a listener about grieving and how to move forward in dating after the loss of a significant other. 

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