Deer Tag or Dear Tag?

Bonnie from Lakewood has asked us for help with her boyfriend Henry who she says lied to her about what he really did on his guys’ hunting weekend. It was the same weekend as his High School reunion which he told her he had no interest in going to but while he was gone on the hunting trip she saw on social media that he was tagged in several photos at the reunion, including some with his former Homecoming Queen girlfriend. Bonnie says she is not so much mad that he went to the reunion, but that he lied to her – so what else is he lying about? When Henry comes on he says he really didn’t want to go to the reunion and really was out hunting but his hunting buddies thought it would be fun to crash the reunion party and as their trip took them closer and closer to the reunion site, they went to it and he ended up in a bunch of pictures. Henry says it’s not a big deal and Bonnie is blowing it out proportion. He admits he was in pictures with the Homecoming Queen but says High School was a long time ago and he was definitely not interested in ever seeing that woman again. So who do the P1’s believe? Does Henry’s story add up? And where the heck are all the Elk?