Dennis Dow and “Jag” of the US Army

ust when we think we’ve heard all the great stories about all the incredible people who make our military possible, we get messages that completely surprise us. Today we salute both Dennis Dow of the United States Army and the Army National Guard, and the troop that Dennis himself actually asked us to salute: his K9 partner Jag. Jag is a 15-year-old Black Lab Dennis has been working with since 2006. Dennis first joined the Army in 1989. From 1993 until 2006 he moved around in both the Army and then the National Guard, but always wanted to work with the K9’s. Dennis’ wife was also in the Army at the time, and ended up going off to K9 training school. In 2004, Dennis finally got his chance, when a friend of his wife’s from her K9 unit told Dennis that he could get into handling school if he re-joined the Army full time. So at 36 years old he signed back in. In 2006 Dennis was paired with Jag who had just arrived at school after being trained by kids in youth detention. Before the end of their training, Dennis and Jag had orders to Afghanistan. Dennis says he has 100’s of stories of Jag making everyone laugh with his antics at the most opportune times, and as many stories of Jag saving their lives as well.  Jag is a special type of Combat Bomb sniffing Dog. Now Dennis says he is elated that he AND Jag are retired and holding down “Fort Living Room” together. For sticking with the service and for keep everyone safe we salute Dennis Dow of the United States Army, and his partner Jag also of the United States Army.