Derek Livingston of the US Army

If you would like to honor someone you know who is serving in our armed forces, do not be shy to write me and tell me about them. You don’t have to have all the details and dates, you don’t need ranks and honors. You just need a name of someone you care about. Charish Brooks is a P1 who forgot a lot of the details in her request, but I still feel her passion and her pride regardless. Today we are saluting Derek Livingston of the United States Army. Derek is an active duty soldier in the Army and he is currently deployed overseas for the 3rd time since he and Charish have been together. She had one simple message for her boyfriend Derek, and that is “Hurry home, I’m waiting”. The salutes may be more comfort for the submitting person like Charish, than they are for the troops who may not hear this show on the other side of the globe, and that’s OK. Those waiting at home have a big part of themselves wrapped up in service too. When anybody serves this nation overseas, they take a little bit of everyone who cares for them along. So today we salute Derek Livingston of the United States Army.