Dirty Dirty Bird

Danielle from Auburn has asked for help with her boyfriend Cameron after what she says was a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner with his family. She says after dinner, in the kitchen, as they were cleaning up the Turkey, Cameron’s father actually grabbed her butt and said “I wanna get up in those giblets.” She says, yes, the Turkey was right there, but it was clear the dad was talking about HER giblets, not the Turkey’s. No one else saw this, and she says when she told Cameron later he said she was over-reacting. When Cameron comes on he says his dad is just a butt-grabber, like baseball players, and he does it to everyone in the family, it’s no big deal. But Danielle feels very clear about that the dad wanted from her, and Cameron digs himself in a hole when he says the dad has no reason to hit on Danielle because the dad’s new wife – Cameron’s stepmom – is “hot”. Is Cameron fixing to be Dad 2.0? Should Danielle work it out or tell him to get stuffed?