Don Allen Montgomery USMC

Today we salute Don Allen Montgomery of the United States Marine Corps. Don has written in to the show on numerous occasions, responding to stories, participating in discussions, and sending us memes and pictures. Don was commenting on a troop salute that we had done a few weeks ago and I decided I was going to do a salute for him. Montgomery enlisted in the Marine Corps back in 1992. He went to boot camp and combat training at Camp Pendleton, California and then on to Supply Logistics School in Albany, Georgia. He returned to Camp Le Jeune outside San Diego until 1995 when he was transferred to Camp Kinser in Okinawa, Japan. Montgomery was allowed to transfer back to the states in 1996 when his father was diagnosed with cancer, so that he could spend time with family. He finished out his active duty service as a recruiter. Don got out of the Marines in 2000, and he made sure to mention that he and Drew served together in the Corps for a few years. Don was commenting on another story we had done and thanking us for saluting everybody who served, whether or not they saw combat or served in a war zone. He actually said that he has heard people say things to diminish his service because he didn’t go to battle. We honor and salute everyone who makes the choice to serve this nation, no matter what job they do in the military, or what action they see, or don’t see. Going to war isn’t a choice individual troops make, but signing the line to volunteer to do it is what makes heroes out of every single one of them. And that is why we are saluting Don Allen Montgomery of the United States Marine Corps