Don England of the US Army Mon 01-13-20

There is an unfortunate connection between war and politics that I think we’re all aware of.
Soldiers don’t start wars…. That is up to politicians. Sometimes the politics become the focus of everyone’s attention, and sometimes we get bogged down in the details and the maneuvering between the parties involved. In the 20th Century it became common for governments to call wars “conflicts”.  Both Korea and Vietnam were called conflicts by the media and the suits, but the men on the ground knew the truth…these were wars. Today we are saluting Don England of the United States Army. This salute was brought to us by Don’s loving daughter Joyce Britton. Joyce started her salute by mentioning that her daddy Don served in Korea, which was called a conflict at the time. Her dad would say “It was a war! Friends of mine were getting injured and killed, and people were shooting at me!” We salute our fighting men and women because the experience on the ground is war, no matter what it’s named, or how the press discusses it.  And Veterans like Don England who survive wars like Korea return to a nation that they helped keep secure. Unfortunately Joyce lost her father on Valentine’s Day 2005, but she says he will always be loved and remembered. Today we are saluting Don England of the United States Army.