Don Leonard of the US Army

The experience a soldier has in war can be exciting or terrifying.  The experience can be tedious or it can be fulfilling. No matter what kind of experience a soldier has in war, they return home with their memories, and probably a few life-long buddies. Not every serviceman likes to share stories of their “adventures” in uniform, but some of the veterans who do share, can give the best Hollywood stories a run for their money. Today we salute Don Leonard of the United States Army. Don is a story teller and he has many interesting stories because he served as a Paratrooper in WWII. Don is still alive and telling his stories at 94 years old. His granddaughter Ellianna Hicker wrote in to share her story of Grandpa Don. Ellianna says Grandpa Don always tells his stories as an adventure including how he was shot during a jump over Europe and earned a Purple Heart. He inspires everyone with his enthusiasm and his attitude.  Ellianna says Grandpa Don is the last grandpa she still has, and he means the world to her. Don Leonard is among the last of that Greatest Generation and one of the few people who can give a first-hand account of that war and that time that shaped the world. Telling his stories as exciting adventures is the best way that he can share this knowledge with the next generations. Today we salute Don Leonard of the United States Army.