Donald Dean Dodson Sr. fo the US Navy

Our Greatest Generation fought for everything that makes this country what it is today. The men and women who went off to fight WWII, and the ones who stayed here and built this nation and its military, laid the foundation for everything we have. Just a few years after WWII ended and America came home to prosperity, there was another war. The Korean War put our men and their equipment and training to the test again. By some accounts, this short war was at times more brutal than the long drawn out engagements of WWII. This short and brutal war forged tough men. Today we salute Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Donald Dean Dodson Sr. of the United States Navy. Donald’s granddaughter Rebecca Ann wrote me for this salute. She says “My grandfather was the toughest man I ever knew, however, as soon as his grandchildren showed up he turned into a big sweet marshmallow.” Donald was forged by war and his generation into a tough man, but he knew how to enjoy life when he had the opportunity. Rebecca lost her grandfather and her grandmother about 10 years ago, and just 8 months apart. “Their marriage is what inspired me to always work through issues, and always do what’s right.” Rebecca says. And for the examples he set, and the wars that he fought for us, today we salute Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Donald Dean Dobson Sr. of the United States Navy.