Donald J. Shipman USMC

The endless number of jobs offered in the military means anyone who enters can probably find something exactly suited to them. Our services have a giant scope of missions, and they need divisions to cover every type of issue – and problem. Having their own jail system is one way to handle some of those problems. Today we salute Corporal Donald J. Shipman of the United States Marine Corps. Corporal Shipman is a corrections specialist with the Security and Emergency Services Battalion at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Shipman has found the MOS that suits him perfectly. He was recently selected for the American Correctional Association Military Corrections Committee Marine Corps Corrections Specialist of the Year Award for outstanding performance during calendar year 2016. I’d like to see the plaque that fits that title. “There is never a task Cpl. Shipman cannot handle, and he is always eager to do more, he can’t get enough” said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Joseph J. Moschetto, who is the commanding officer of the brig where Corporal Shipman works. Whether you’re ranging artillery, or doing a cell check in the brig, every job in the Marine Corps is essential to the mission and to the Corps.