Don’t Stop Believin’

Rachel from Marysville has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Dominic, who she says is addicted to Karaoke. At first she was suspicious that he was cheating because he was going out so many nights, but she did “Find My Phone” and tracked him and determined that he really was always at different Karaoke bars around the region. It’s affecting her for two main reasons: 1) he is totally obsessed and talks about it day and night and goes out every night so its affecting their time together. But perhaps more importantly, 2) she thinks he is not very good at it. She’s never told him that, but confesses it to us, not realizing he is already on the line and hears it! After Dominic and Fitz discuss the finer points of Karaoke, he talks about how important it is to him, and how much of a following he has and how happy it makes him. Fitz and some of the P1’s support Dominic and his dream, but Drew and the rest of the P1’s think Dominic should do some more work on the relationship. And wait – is that Barry singing?!?!