Amy’s 4 Things

Don’t Wait to Stop Bingeing. Manifestation & Faith. Make Your Bed Like A Navy Seal. Huddled Over Grace

 FIRST THING: Amy talks about the author who helped her “re-wire” her brain about bingeing, Kathryn Hansen, and goes over some tips that Kathryn sent out in a newsletter.
SECOND THING: Manifestation is something that Amy never thought aligned with her faith, but has come to realize that visualizing what you want to achieve in life makes sense and she felt compelled to share a little bit about this after hearing something Steve Harvey said.
THIRD THING: Do you make your bed in the morning? Our listener, Maggie, shared a video from Former Navy Seal Admiral McRaven during a commencement speech.
FOURTH THING: Amy re-visits a post her sister wrote about their mom’s passing from their blog, One Plum Tree.
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