Amy’s 4 Things

Don't Waste Your Fancy. Date Yourself. Cocktail Ideas. Friendship & Fashion.

Amy sat down with the girls from @NextDoorLife, Reagan & Polly (neighbors turned BFFs navigating life one outfit, meal, party & kid drama at a time!)

FIRST THING: How did @NextDoorLife come to be? The girls breakdown how being neighbors & friends turned into a business for them! We love their tips on mixing high/low items to make a great outfit and Polly’s motto: “Don’t waste your fancy” (i.e. dress up more or use the good dishes from time to time!!)

SECOND THING: What does “dating yourself” look like? Polly loves to buy herself flowers and Reagan treats herself to fun drinks & good chocolate. They also take care of themselves with good boundaries & the enneagram to better know/understand each other! 

THIRD THING: The girls share their go-to cocktail ideas and Amy shares her most recent obsession: a paloma (a tequila-based drink with grapefruit-flavored soda!) 

FOURTH THING:4 Things Gratitude!! Reagan & Polly each share 4 things they are thankful for!


Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy

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