Down The Road I Go

Lauren from Lynwood has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Mike. A few months ago Mike started driving for Uber to make some extra cash. But now she says he’s obsessed with driving, does it all hours of day and night, and hardly spends any time with her. She says she understands the money is good, especially with the bonuses, but feels he doesn’t see her as a priority anymore like she is “coming in second” to his Uber job. She says it’s also occurred to her that he may be doing “other things” when he claims to be out driving. But when Mike joins, he is pretty upset. He says he is trying to save up for a “certain thing” which we assume means a ring. He says there is no “silly business” going on, it’s all just fares. And he is a writer so all the stories he hears from riders are going into his work. But she says there is no “us” anymore – all they talk about is his Uber people. We hear from a lot of P1 Uber Drivers and a few spouses as to whether they can keep this going.