Dude, Where’s My Car?

Hannah from Tukwila has written to Fitz about her boyfriend Justin. She says he refuses to get a car because he doesn’t want to contribute to the local transit problem and he has an idealistic notion about using mass transit and riding his bike or Ubering when necessary. But she says he doesn’t really do those things very often and ends up borrowing her car a lot. And he works in Redmond so when he takes the car he has it for a long time and she’s the one who ends up Ubering. When Justin comes on, he says Hannah is blowing it out of proportion. He says he certainly does ride his bike all the time, and has even ridden it to work in Redmond a few times. And he says he absolutely will use the light rail when it’s completed to Redmond in a few years although until then will just keep making do. And he says riding his bike is getting him into great shape, and they are both saving money by not taking on another car payment. These two sure have a different view of just how much he rides his bike and when Fitz suggests she put a mileage tracker on him, things get a little…heated!