Dylan Thompson of the US Marine Corp

Many of our Troop Salutes come from the moms and dads of those who serve, but some of our proudest also come in from the siblings of our troops, because you just know they probably fought and competed as kids but have now earned respect. Today we salute Private First Class Dylan Thompson of the US Marine Corps, sent in to us by his younger brother Cole. PFC Thompson is only 18 year old. His specialty now is working as a 3521 Motor Transport Mechanic – working on everything from 2.5 ton trucks to Hummers to Buffaloes and replacements and everything in between. He is currently serving at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. Cole asked us to salute him for his bravery and giving of himself to serve our country, and Fitz adds that he hopes Dylan doesn’t punch his little brother too hard in the arm the next time he comes home because he is obviously very proud.