Amy’s 4 Things

Eating Disorder Recovery. All Moms Matter. The Power of Saying No. Enneagram Songs. (#25)

Amy’s husband Ben makes a cameo in the intro and outro of this week’s episode…he hasn’t been on in a while (so if you’ve missed him…he’ll be back for an official “thing” soon). FIRST THING: Nicole Modic (@KaleJunkie) is back on to discuss the recovery side of her eating disorder and how she was able to heal her relationship with food. SECOND THING: Mom comparison is real. Working moms vs. stay at home moms. Amy shares a quick little post from Jessica Honegger’s instagram page (@JessicaHonegger) about how ALL MOMS matter…the working ones + the ones that are able to volunteer and do all the things at school because they don’t have a job. THIRD THING: Are you a YES PERSON??? Then you need to hear this. Amy talks with counselor + life coach, Kim Anderson, (@kim_anderson_life) about the power of saying no and creating boundaries in your life. It really is freeing. So listen to this and take notes. FORTH THING: Did you know that a group wrote songs for each enneagram??? Yep. Apparently, when you hear the song that is your number…you will get really emotional. Amy shares an email that she got about the songs and where you can hear them!
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