Ed Durrant of the US Air Force

Serving in the military can be just a chapter in your story, or it can change the whole direction of your life. The service can provide opportunities like job training and life experience, or it can provide much much more. Today we salute Ed Durrant of the United States Air Force and his wife Nancy Durant Also of the United States Air Force. This salute really is a family affair. Ed and Nancy’s son Scott wrote in for this salute, and although he didn’t follow his parents into the Air Force, he did follow them into the service of this nation.  Scott Durrant served in the Navy. Scott wants to salute his parents today however. Ed Durrant served for 23 years in the Air Force and was involved in many career fields during his time. Nancy Durrant served for 3 years as a medic in the Air Force. The two met and we’re married while they were serving the nation, and have been married for over 51 years now. Scott is so proud of his parents and their service, and the values that they instilled in him growing up. Scott says that his father Ed is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and fighting kidney failure right now.  He’s a tough old guy and he’s fighting with everything he’s got, but Scott says the family could always use any prayers they can get. For an incredible family commitment to service spanning more than half a century,  Today we salute Ed Durrant of the United States Air Force, and Nancy Durrant also of the United States Air Force.