Sore Losers

Eddie Is Upset With The Dallas Cowboys

What did we learn in Week 1 of College Football? Alabama is good once again, Georgia vs Clemson was terrible to watch, Mckenzie Milton completes his journey as he takes the field for Florida State when they played Notre Dame. Texas looked good, UTSA beats Illinois, Montana beast Washington, and much more. After watching Hard Knocks Eddie is very upset with the Dallas Cowboys and he can tell they aren’t going to win the Super Bowl. Eddie said “The Cowboys just have no leadership in their organization.” Do you all the Cowboys fans agree? Ray, Eddie, and Lunchbox tell you who is going to the Super Bowl and who is going to win the Super Bowl as we are set to kickoff the NFL season. Also we touch a little bit on Fantasy Football and some of the crazy draft picks from our Sore Losers Fantasy Football Draft.
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