Edwin Mason of the US Navy

I am so pleased when I receive troop salutes sent from individuals outside of the family or close friends who normally send them in. It is always nice to see how much others respect our service members, and how much the people around them can be affected by them. Today we are saluting Edwin Mason of the United States Navy. Edwin Mason passed away last year at the age of 86. Edwin was known to friends and family as Ed, or Grandpa Ed. We don’t have all of the information about his rank or the dates of his service with the Navy for this salute, because it was brought to us by a close friend of Edwin’s and a friend of Edwin’s granddaughter, Marie Jones. Ms. Jones says that Grandpa Ed would tell stories about the Navy and talk fondly about his service, but his Dementia prevented him from sharing clear information, details, or dates.
She didn’t know the details of his service, but she did know how proud he was to have served his nation. Ms. Jones cared for Grandpa Ed during his final years in a nursing home. She also said that after his service with the Navy he continued to serve his community as a member of his local fire department, serving at least 15 years and eventually becoming the Chief of the department before his retirement. Clearly Edwin was a great American and a great man. He made an impression on everyone around him, right up until the end. For his service to the nation and his community afterwards, today we salute Edwin Mason of the United States Navy.