Amy’s 4 Things

Emily Ley: Side Hustles. Lies That Trap You. BUILD Method. Self-Discovery & Gratitude.

Emily Ley {@EmilyLey} is on for all 4 things today! FIRST THING: Emily started as an Etsy side hustler and built it to a multi-million dollar company…so she can speak to the importance of side hustles and knows what it takes…and she wants to help others on the same journey…that’s why she put out her latest book Growing Boldly: Dare to Build a Life You Love. SECOND THING: What do you think the lies are that keep women from a life they love? Emily tells us what work we can do to eliminate these lies! THIRD THING: Emily goes over her BUILD method…which is 5 key practices to building a life that you love!! FOURTH THING: Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself? Emily has too! She shares what we can do to reconnect and find our authentic self. 
Growing Boldly: 
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