Episode 58: Fitz In The Morning Wednesday 07/10/19

Did Fitz miss his calling by not being a YouTube star when he was in High School, or is he lucky that his teenage antics aren’t public? Today’s “What Are You Kidding Me?” includes Carjacking By Snake(!), the Swiss Air Force buzzes a yodeling festival and a gender reveal goes wrong when a car burns up. Brace yourself because Fitz tells a few “Dad Jokes”. Today’s “Fitz Files”: Friends is leaving Netflix (!) and we get deets on the Game of Thrones prequel. (Spoiler Alert: Direwolves!) “The Good Stuff” features a handsome Olympic swimmer in Italy saving a drowning swimmer at the beach. It’s Wednesday so we all admit how we are “All Jacked Up!” But you know what’s not jacked up? Showering with our dogs – turns out we all do it. Today’s Troop Salute – Art Unruh of the US Army Air Force. What should the Washington State Slogan really be? We come up with our own Brutally Honest Washington Slogans. And it’s the World Premiere of our new hit song about the Romance of Ripping One: “Rockin’ Toots”.