Episode #61 07/15/19

We have a Jam packed day today. What a way to start a week off. First we talk about how Kenny Chesney is going to be calling in live on Skype Chat to debut his brand new song here on the Bull with Fitz in The Morning. Kenny played it for us first, before anybody else gets it.

Fitz is going to be giving away his Black Maxx electric bike to a member of The Misfitz his “biker gang”. AND we talk about how Blanco Brown, the guy who created the Get Up Challenge is going to be here today at our Longhorn Lounge performing his song. We’ll play 2 more rounds of “County Wars” today as everyone is trying to knock Pierce County off the top. Ryder is still filling in for Claire on “Fitz Files”. He tells us about Beyonce’s criminal act in England over the weekend, and about the great advice that Kelly Clarkson gave Taylor Swift about the rights to her music catalog. Before this show is over Ryder will also tell us why little Mason Ramsey, The Wal Mart Yodeling kid is hanging with rapper tough-guy Young Thug. Are you wondering if our “City Vs. Country” couple from Friday made a love connection? You’ll find out today when we hear from the pair. And the “What Are You Kidding Me Stories” cover a Toilet Bomb, A guy who says he’s from the future, The Blackout in NYC, and a kid named Jack Daniels… In England. Before we send you off to start your week with “Monday Motivation”, Fitz wants to know why Drew was texting his ex-wife over the weekend, and he asks our P1’s to make the call on whether or not this is ok, and they really chime in!