Everyone Calls Their Mom That Word, Don’t They?

Tara from Olympia has written to Fitz for help on our Facebook Page because she doesn’t like that her boyfriend Zack from Lacey is mean to his mother. She says he is very impatient with her, yells at her and says mean things about her, including calling her the “B” word, and declines her phone calls. When Zack comes on, he says Tara is being ridiculous, he is no nicer or meaner to his mom than the average person. He admits declining her calls but says he sends lots of people to voice mail all the time. He admits he has called her “the B word” but it’s OK for him to that, just not other people. Tara feels Zack is lying on this phone call, and is concerned about their longevity. We do not feel a lot of warmth from Zack for either his mom or Tara, and the texters point that out, but some P1 callers come to his defense saying that we don’t know much about the mom and Zack’s relationship with her and maybe Tara needs more info before she judges.