Fine, No Reese’s FrankenCup For You!

Renee from Renton has been getting excited to go Trick-or-Treating with her son this week, but as the day gets closer, her fiancée Jonathan is getting nervous about it, afraid they are all going to catch COVID. Renee says she is taking a lot of precautions, and they will limit the number places they go, but it’s been such a tough year for the kids she wants them to have just one really special day. When Jonathan comes on, he says there are too many unknowns about how other people are taking precautions and he doesn’t understand why they can’t just make some fun inside the house. In the end though, he says he’s not gonna stop her, but if she goes out, he is going to self-quarantine at a hotel for two weeks. The P1’s wanna know: Where’s the Trust?