Fitz in the Morning 12/26/19

It’s a glorious Thursday coming off of Christmas. In the What Are You Kidding Me? Stories Fitz tells us about a woman in Bulgaria who is just broke a Guinness World Record for singing a sustained high note. And so you know he’s going to make Drew try to duplicate the feat. Later we hear about a woman in Britain who thinks the public owes her a new butt. We all get an opportunity to be very wrong when we play The Wrong Game. Some of us are more wrong than the rest. On Make Up or Break Up Dave from Federal Way is actually mad that his girlfriend Olivia is losing weight. Is she going too far? Find out what Dave thinks, and then we’ll get Olivia on the phone to find out what she thinks. Fitz has some statistics about how women interact with music. You might be surprised about what they think about musicians. We try to help a listener who wrote a letter to Fitz about guiding a young woman away from a life of nude sushi service in 5 Minute Heroes.