Fitz in the Morning Christmas Eve 12/24/19

Merry Christmas to everyone. We are just one day away from the big morning, but the world of What are you Kidding Me never rests. We hear a little parakeet that tweets to the tune of Baby Shark, and Drew says he knows a male bird that lays eggs. Later you’ll learn how lightning and septic tanks can be an explosive combination. We’ll debate whether or not the Starbucks holiday cup is going to destroy the world. We will do some more good by making 3 Fitzmas Wishes come true for families in need in the great northwest. Christmas time is all about spending time with family, so why hasn’t Noah ever met his girlfriend Stephanie’s parents? We’ll hear from Noah and Stephany in Make Up or Break Up. Claire tells us how DNA testing has made her family grow this holiday season. And then we’ll find out what Taylor Swift is doing to those Christmas Trees.