Fitz in the Morning Episode #102 Tuesday 09/10/19

Should Fitz be worried about the tow truck lurking in the parking lot? First Caller of the Day: D-Rod had a great time seeing Trace Atkins. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman hires a handyman to kill her husband in exchange for her really old car; man holds off bear attack by reasoning with it; man makes fun of wife while trying to kill giant spider; Carolina couple finds civil war cannonballs on beach after Hurricane Dorian. Dating Site or No? Fitz quizzes us with a list of site names and asks if they are real or not. Hourly Bulletin: heavy rain closes Everett High; wolverine found along I-90 valuable to science; evidence mounting against local Medical Examiner; lawsuit against Sound Transit goes to state supreme court; deputies have real-time access to school surveillance cameras; Seahawks provide “sensory break room” for fans with autism; Jags pick up another QB but Cougar Gardner Minshew is still #1. The Fitz Files: Sarah Palin getting divorced; Nashville benefit for Dorian. Christian Bale says Robert Pattinson should make sure he can pee in the Batsuit; Seattle PD wins $50,000 for LipSync Video. Make Up or Break Up: This one is super awkward. Hannah from Shoreline says her boyfriend Alex is a “momma’s boy. Playlist Profile: Brie from Graham. Mystery of the Bracelet: Fitz received a charm bracelet with no idea who sent it. The Good Stuff: Tallahassee kid is a Tennessee fan but can’t afford a shirt so makes his own and gets bullied; UT’s Dean hears and orders official t-shirts designed with his logo. Ryan’s Toy Review under federal investigation for taking endorsement money from toy companies without disclosing it as paid advertising. We debate!