Fitz in the Morning Episode #103 Weds 09/11/19

Fitz just can’t…until the lights are just right. First Caller of the Day: Mamma Chris from West Seattle is headed to bed after her overnight shift. We Will Never Forget: Recounting our memories of September 11, 2001. What Are You Kidding Me?!: meth-head looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad; yet another driver crashes through LA Fitness and lands in pool; students prank teacher by making him think they broke the classroom TV; woman suffers from rare condition where she can hear everything going on inside her body. Mind Yo’ Business?: Claire had to decide whether to step in when she witnessed some neglectful parenting. Hourly Bulletin: stabbings in North Seattle, America commemorates 9/11; hit-and-run death on I-405; Starbucks suing small Alaska company for copyright; Mariners call up prospects and one hits a homer in debut; Seahawks Kendricks facing sentencing for insider trading. Pet Tails: updates on our pets’ health and wellness. The Fitz Files: Is J.Lo performing at the Superbowl; New Zealand reality show contestant wanted for assault in Seattle; Kim K. made $2 million in 5 mins; Keith Urban “We Were” acoustic. The Good Stuff: Remembering 9/11 First Responders. All Jacked Up: weird things you do but try to hide. Talk Nerdy To Me: Ryder talks about the new iPhones and the “Slowfie”. Drew Has Stew: Drew talks soups and stews now that it’s Fall. Troop Salute: Troy Nelson of the US Army and a tribute to the 9/11 first responders. Insta-Therapy: Aaron’s wife is already decorating for Halloween; Alice’s man is not affectionate unless he’s drinking; AJ’s buddy is flirting with his girlfriend. Cheaters Sometimes Do Profit: Man on a business trip had an affair and died during the act and judge rules it was a workplace-related death, giving his wife his pension.