Fitz in the Morning Episode #104 Thurs 09/12/19

Nothing wakes you up quite like an electric toothbrush. First Caller of the Day: Tow Truck Driver Jim met Fitz at the airport last year. What Are You Kidding Me?!: guy and girl arrested joy riding on hood of car on freeway; Yellowstone Park blasting AC/DC to get bison off the road; college champ swimmer disqualified because school-issued swim suit rode up during swim; man falls asleep in a dumpster and wakes up when it’s being dumped. Tired Mommies! Fitz has a bunch of stories about things moms have done because they were so tired; we hear from dads too. Hourly Bulletin: Ride the Ducks Seattle suing parent company; ski buffs can buy old Stevens Pass lifts; King County teen first confirmed local case of vaping-related illness; Marysville HS security officer getting state award; human remains found at construction site, kittens dumped on I-90 ready for adoption; Storm advance in WNBA Championship; CA lawmakers take on NCAA on paying athletes. Ryder Is an Inspiration: Fitz reads an emotional letter from a listener. The Fitz Files: Kevin Hart getting better; there’s no “It: Chapter 3”; Jonas Brothers perform in Nashville and hang out with Country stars; The Situation is out of jail. The Good Stuff: trapped hikers saved after someone finds their message in a bottle. Make Up or Break Up: Noah from Covington is wondering why his girlfriend Stephanie has never introduced him to her parents after two years of dating. Playlist Profiling: It’s Justin Moore! Throwin’ Shade: Our secret weapon battle rapper takes on Kelly Clarkson.