Fitz in the Morning Episode #105 Friday 09/13/19

The best way to celebrate Friday the 13th ? With the Friday Bull Yah!! What Are You Kidding Me?!: politician proposing legislation against farting on airplanes; wedgie DQ for a high school swimmer reversed; Ticket or Skip It: Drew reviews “Hustlers”. Hourly Bulletin: lightning storm hits big targets; dogs put down after coming in contact with rabid bats; dead man found on Pac Hwy; Alaska Airlines debuts program to cut down plastic bottle use; Mariners rookie hits three homers in first three days; six Seahawks eligible for 2020 Pro Football HOF induction; Friday The 13th: Fitz explains the Harvest Moon and what it means, and Drew going to his grandparents’ house for his grandmother’s 90th birthday and their 73rd anniversary – yes, they were married on a Friday The 13th! The Fitz Files: Blake Shelton pushes Craig Morgan to #1; Demi Moore poses nude in Harper’s Bazaar; Lisa Kudrow has never watched “Friends”; Eddie Money has died; Felicity Huffman will be sentenced today. The Good Stuff: couple holds community baby shower for new parents in need. City vs. Country: Taylor from West Seattle meets Country Boy Henry from Kent and City Boy Tim from Redmond. CPR, the Country Pigskin Report: Rob the Original P1 has all the high school football info for tonight. Fitz fulfills his promise to Blake Shelton and plays Craig Morgan’s beautiful new song about his late son, “The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost”. Troop Salute: Major General Barrett and Brigadier General Lodi of the US Army are the first sisters ever to make General! Believe It Or Not: Everyone has that story…Weekend Party Preview has some fun stuff for the whole family. We are shooting the Pierce County August County Wars Championship Video Sunday at 4pm at the Puyallup Fair. Look for the Bull Tent!