Fitz in the Morning Episode #106 Monday 09/16/19

A great evening at the Washington State Fair shooting the County Wars Victory Video! We are still on a high from eating fair food. First Call of the Day: Alyssa the Drywaller who is obsessed with Fitz’ favorite TV show “Yellowstone”. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman dreams she swallowed her engagement ring and wakes up to find she really did; solid gold toilet stolen from Winston Churchill exhibit; study shows the average American spends $120K dating during their lifetime. Hourly Bulletin: the new walk-on terminal is open at the Coleman Ferry Dock; Burien Police looking for thief; Issaquah student arrested for social media threat; three plaintiffs in Amtrak derailment in DuPont awarded $17 million; UW nutritionist says Impossible Burgers aren’t as healthy as you’re being led to believe; Seahawks give Pete his 100th win on his Birthday; Gardner Minshew still looks great in NFL; we give some HS Football scores. What is your “Simple Pleasure”: We talk about ours and Fitz reads a list of the most common. The Fitz Files: Is Bradley Cooper dating Laura Dern?; Felicity Huffman gets prison time; Keith Urban on Jay Leno’s Garage; Christie Brinkley breaks arm in DWTS rehearsal; what is the best pop song to use as a lullaby? The Good Stuff: guy in Bend beats cancer twice and then wins lottery. City Vs. Country: Did Taylor and Tim go out on a date this weekend? How did it go? Ringtone IQ: can you name the song based on the ring tone? (It’s hard!) Troop Salute: Shane Durkin of the US Army. Fat Shaming: We play and discuss James Corden’s response to Bill Maher’s comments and Ryder shares his personal experience. Listen all week to win “Back To School Botox” and a trip to see Cole Swindell in San Diego!