Fitz in the Morning Episode #107 Tuesday 09/17/19

Fitz is always ready for his close-up! First Caller of the Day: Clint from Eatonville needs help finding his lost dogs. We’ve put the information up on our Facebook Page – hope you can help! What Are You Kidding Me?!: we waste a lot of money eating out too much; Kale flavored candy canes?! Girl stuck with needle after biting into pastry from grocery store. Text the Truth Tuesday: We hear your darkest secrets, anonymously of course. Hourly Bulletin: Sound Transit increasing security after weekend violence; truck plunges into Woods Creek; two new cases of vaping-related illness in Washington; FAA Chief says he will personally test the 737 Max; Key Arena renovation on track, but historic roof is now suspended; Drew Brees out for six weeks. The Fitz Files: Wendy Williams thinks Christie Brinkley is faking her DWTS injury; woman from Kevin Hart blackmail sex tape is suing him; Netflix scores “Seinfeld” and HBO Max scores “Big Bang”. Extreme Classroom Makeover Winner: We meet Katrina who nominated her friend Jade from Everett. The Good Stuff: college kid at ESPN Gameday held up sign asking to Venmo him beer money – it worked and he ended up with $5000 which is he donating to a Children’s Hospital charity. Make Up or Break Up: Brandon from Granite Falls is disgusted by his girlfriend Tiffany’s mess in their car; Tiffany turns the tables on Brandon and says he’s the real pig. We meet the Disney Resort Halloween Vacation Winner! Playlist Profiling: Holly from Silverdale. Fitz has solved the Mystery of the “Who Sent the Gift Man Charm”.