Fitz in the Morning Episode #109 Thurs 09/19/19

Sometimes finding an old pair of shoes in the closet is like finding money in your pants. First Caller of the Day: Bobbie from “D-Town” just checking in! What Are You Kidding Me?!: couple reacts to mountain lion walking into their house and Drew demonstrates (kinda) how to fend off a big cat; drone operator spots shark and warns surfers; couple planning nudist wedding looking for nudist waiters and bartenders. You Make The Call: Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat propose making posts about plastic surgery unviewable to kids under 18; we discuss the various reasons why we agree. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle proposes new fees for Uber and Lyft; Island County pulls $100k from homeless center; Mountlake Terrace Police investigating Snap Chap child luring case; Seattle City Council looks to crack down on RV ranchers; gambler caught cheating in Snohomish casino; Ziggy Ansah set to debut for Hawks this Sunday; WSU on HBO College Football show October 23rd. A Very Good Dog: (mascara alert) a dog in Florida dies saving his family from a house fire. The Fitz Files: Josh Turner’s tour bus crashed in California and one crew member has died; no one told Mark-Paul Gossellar about the “Saved By the Bell” reunion; Kim Kardashian’s security mistook her mom for an intruder and tackled her. The Good Stuff: a TSA agent saves a life with the Heimlich maneuver. Make Up or Break Up: Christine from Lakewood is aggravated that her boyfriend Ben is super cheap; he’s says he’s intelligent not cheap and she should be grateful. Playlist Profiling: OMG Drew Wins! Throwin’ Shade: Shade Battle Raps about those September Christmas Decorations.