Fitz in the Morning Episode #111 Monday 09/23/19

Football can be so stressful; we lament the Seahawks game. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Storm Area 51 sort of happened; a couple’s gender reveal involved a Zoo’s hippo and a watermelon. Hourly Bulletin: the last segment of the Viaduct has come down this weekend, 2-time Olympian Jared Rome from Marysville died Saturday; Spokane man saved by iWatch; thieves caused delays in High School football games by stealing copper from lights; yet another car crashing through a house. Seahawks lose ugly; Huskies win pretty; HS Football scores. What We’re Learning About Country Music – Claire and Drew have been watching Ken Burns’ documentary and are giving their takes. The Fitz Files: “Game of Thrones” wins 12 Emmys; Kim K and Kendall J get laughed at by Emmy audience by claiming to be real and unscripted; Tyler Rich got married and had a crazy famous guest list; trailer drops for “Frozen 2”. The Good Stuff: college student who held up the sign at ESPN Gameday for beer money has received over $800,000 for Children’s Hospital; much from Busch and Venmo matching. Busch is also giving him a year’s supply of beer and putting his face on their can. City vs. Country: Adam chose Caroline but there were no sparks; someone listening has a big surprise for him. Ringtone I.Q.: can you identify music based on it’s 1990’s ring tone? Troop Salute: Christian Keller of the US Army. An Open Letter To The Aliens: Fitz and the gang compose a letter to the Aliens, asking them to come back and talk to us. Drew is Captain Bringdown telling the aliens he doesn’t believe in them; but then we get a call from an Alien, calling out Drew for his attitude. Monday Motivation: We have motivating quotes to get your week started off right!