Fitz in the Morning Episode #112 Tuesday 09/24/19

Happy Anniversary to Fitz and Bethany the Mouth from the South! First Caller of the Day: Barry AllDayEveryDay was the star of the KING 5 Evening Magazine special about County Wars! What Are You Kidding Me?!: (this story defines “What Are You Kidding Me?!”) a woman pestering a petting zoo camel gets sat on and bites the camel on the privates to get away; a man called 911 because a restaurant put tomatoes on his sandwich; Pumpkin Spice Spam is already sold out. Best Friends: new poll ranks the best on-screen friendships like Joey and Chandler and Thelma and Louise; we discuss our own ideas. Hourly Bulletin: North Bend businesses close due to water advisory; man killed by stolen car crash in Burien; Pierce County man suing over vaping; Seattle DOT petitioning city for eScooter sharing. Meghan Rapinoe wins FIFA Player of Year; Mariners reliever out up to 8 months with knee injury. The Fitz Files: Oprah almost died from pneumonia; “Walker Texas Ranger” reboot without Chuck Norris; new music from David Hasselhoff; Dancing With the Stars new rule. The Good Stuff: Fitz gives us Good Stuff about his son Cash; a hotel employee worked 36 hours straight to take care of guests during Hurricane Imelda because the rest of the staff couldn’t make it. Make Up or Break Up: Lyla from Bothell is getting tired of her boyfriend Chris having so many female friends and contacts on social media; he is a realtor and claims he does it work. Playlist Profiling: Melinda from Everett fools us all! Fitz Calls Bethany for their Anniversary, but she doesn’t answer!! You gotta listen all week to win tickets to Kenny Chesney at Century Link in July!