Fitz in the Morning Episode #113 Weds 09/25/19

Fitz spent his anniversary with his son renting a suit for the Big Dance. First Caller of the Day: Andrew thinks its Uber’s fault he’s late to work. What Are You Kidding Me?!: couple adopts little girl from Ukraine with dwarfism, turns out girl was actually an adult posing as a child and threatened to kill them; the most stressful part of staying in a hotel with a new love is pooping, so has a new “First Poo with Boo” campaign. Crock Pot Magic: Fitz asks us for yummy Fall recipes. Hourly Bulletin: WSP trooper’s home targeted in drive-by; climate activists refuse to leave Washington Capitol; Arlington crash victim looking for her Good Samaritans; the state is suing companies for robocalls; Seahawks trade Nick Vannett but may bring back Luke Willson; locales for HS Football championships are set. The Fitz Files: Charlie Sheen was supposed to be on Dancing with the Stars; are Pennywise the Clown and Mary Poppins the same species?  Demi Moore claims she took John Cryer’s virginity; It’s Will Smith’s birthday! $1000 Minute: Kerry from Poulsbo WINS! The Good Stuff: student with disability would have missed a hiking field trip but a teacher from another class volunteered to carry her the entire hike. All Jacked Up: We want to hear those things you do when no one is around. Learnin’ from Ken Burns Country Music: Claire thinks Hank Williams was the Kurt Cobain of his time. Listen for Your Chance to win Kenny Chesney tickets: Lunch Lady Audrey from Sequim just won! Troop Salute: Edwin Mason of the US Navy. Songs Gone Wrong: Ryder and Fitz sing an ode to Pumpkin Spice! The P1’s Speak Out: Debbie and Barry voice opinions on Drew still not “putting a ring on it” after 11 years.