Fitz in the Morning Episode #114 Thurs 09/26/19

Shade overslept and it’s made some of us a wreck, but not Fitz – he says it will all be just fine! What Are You Kidding Me?!: UK cops arrest guy for them and only belching into the phone. (Warning: this turns into the guys belching and Claire almost losing it); man tries to ride log from Iowa to Kentucky on the Mississippi but had to be rescued; Florida woman finds homeless couple having sex in her yard. Facebook’s Dating Algorithm is a Disaster: people are getting matched with their parents’ friends, and even former teachers! Hourly Bulletin: our lack of state income tax could benefit NHL recruiting; prankster hacks road sign to read “Impeach the Bastard”; million-pound bridge moved into place in Everett, Newcastle home burned down after 2nd fire; NHL Seattle hires first-ever woman for front office; Luke Willson back with Seahawks; tonight could be King Felix’s last game with Mariners. The Fitz Files: Samuel L Jackson to voice Alexa; Nic Cage and Lisa Marie might be getting back together; DragonForce covers Celine Dion; Luke Combs says he learned to play guitar by listening to Willie Nelson while stoned. The Good Stuff: woman bends metal fence bars with bare hands to save a stuck baby deer; Claire helps a dad introduce his baby to dogs. Make Up or Break Up: Whitney from Stanwood thinks her boyfriend Bill is a conspiracy theorist and she wants it to stop; Bill is frustrated and worried that Whitney doesn’t believe him. It’s National Pancake Day and the P1’s text in to tell us the best pancake joints. Playlist Profiling: Anthony from Snohomish fools us all! Throwin’ Shade: Brace yourself: Shade is putting Hollywood Remakes on blast! And keep listening to Catch Kenny – we have Kenny Chesney tickets!!