Fitz in the Morning Episode #116 Monday 09/30/19

Drew and Ryder enjoyed Fright Fest although Drew got scared and Ryder was hobbling around following his “Pumpkin Spice Running Man” injury. What Are You Kidding Me?!: man causes scene on flight because couldn’t use first class bathroom; DJ wins competition to name most Taylor Swift songs in minute with 27; running suspect loses cops in a corn maze. Lil’ Miss Pumpkin Spice Pageant: Fitz previews the coming competition between Drew, Claire and Ryder; we hear Fitz and Ryder’s New Pumpkin Spice song, “Spice Spice Baby”. Hourly Bulletin: Macy’s closing Downtown Seattle store; Everett’s plastic bag ban starts; teen who reported attempted kidnapping retracts it.  State Ferry fees going up; Washington Company suing over online comments; Snohomish asking for $470 million school bond; Hawks win behind great game by Chris Carson; WSU Coach Leach calls players fat and entitled. County Wars: Snohomish County wins their first ever month! Back To School Botox Winner: Sandy From Allyn! The Fitz Files: Country Stars mourning the death of music producer Busbee; Lil Nas X taking a break; Christie Brinkley proves she was injured on DWTS; Toby Keith gives bad-ass wheel chair to veteran. The Good Stuff: 16-year old football player hears screaming next door and lifts car off neighbor trapped underneath. City vs. Country Follow-Up: Chris and Alicia did go out; they golfed, they ate, they drank, and they accidentally met her dad. Do You Feel Old Yet?: Fitz lists shows and pop culture moments that are 20 years or older (Zack Morris is now older than Mr. Belding was then!) Troop Salute: Lieutenant Commander Clarence “Doc” Mehlenbeck III of the US Navy. Riley Green calls in and gets the Fitz Artist Interrogation. Monday Motivation: We have motivating quotes, and spirit snaps, to get your week started off right!