Fitz in the Morning Episode #117 Tuesday 10/01/19

Did you ever notice the colors of the University of Texas are also Pumpkin Spice? Fitz has! First Caller of the Day: Fake Coach Mike Leach thinks Fitz is fat, entitled and in love with his own press. What Are You Kidding Me?!: hawk snatches puppy in park which leads to discussion of seals (allegedly) trying to eat dogs and people; woman discovers chronic headaches caused by Pilates injury brain leak; buffalo gores man in state park, and then his girlfriend a year later. The Lil’ Miss Pumpkin Spice Pageant! Fitz tests Drew, Claire and Ryder for the title. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle legal system failing public; Tacoma real estate market hot. Seattle City Council approves program to let people bring infants to work; Hood Canal men charged with lumber theft; Arizona businessmen knocked out in unprovoked random attack in Seattle; Paul Allen to be inducted into Seahawks Ring of Honor; NHL Seattle to get Palm Springs AHL team. Pop Culture Ruined My Name: Fitz has list of names that have been ruined by pop culture, like Alexa and Felicia; we take calls from those who suffer. The Fitz Files: Zac Brown trashed for new pop album; we run down the Bieber wedding guest list; Ray Lewis injured and out of DWTS. The Good Stuff: single mom who walked miles every day to her job at KFC gets car through the company’s Kentucky Fried Wishes program.  Make Up or Break Up: Dave from Federal Way says girlfriend Olivia is obsessed with losing weight; she says it’s doctor’s orders over health concerns and Dave is reluctant to give up their shared unhealthy lifestyle. Playlist Profiling: Dakota from Everett is a tough one! Listen every hour on the :10’s for your chance to win Kenny Chesney tickets!