Fitz in the Morning Episode #119 Thurs 10/03/19

The weather is brewing up a storm and it’s making Drew all electric-shocky! First Caller of the Day: Rug Doctor Ben! What Are You Kidding Me?!: little girl explaining lipstick to her dad says she got at Homie Depot; guy busted for DUI tries to impress cops by doing the splits during his sobriety test; idiots play flaming Sambuca game where they burn their hair; police catch Oregon guy who’s been dumping nails on roads. Lil Miss Pumpkin Spice Round 3!; Drew is shaky but the listeners are rallying for him. Hourly Bulletin: counterfeit pills probably to blame in 2nd student OD death at Skyline High; Everett Police cracking down on pedestrian safety; Anacortes first city in nation to deliver high speed internet through water pipes; homeless shelter going into former UW Campus Frat House; carjackers steal car with 2 kids inside; Seahawks TNF Schedule; Coug Alum and NBA Star Klay Thompson having Coug Number Retired. The Fitz Files: Both Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski are out of the “Saved By The Bell” remake; Kelly Clarkson sings Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats” on her show; Aunt Becky (aka Lori Loughlin) spotted at exclusive club while trying to project humble image; Dan+Shay teaming up with Justin Bieber. The Good Stuff: Fitz’s little son Cash crashed his bike but his helmet saved him; an 8-year-old boy lost all his toys in a house fire so his classmates gave him toys to replace them. Make Up or Break Up: Melissa from Parkland is suspicious about her boyfriend Tommy’s unaccounted-for time but Tommy is tired of Melissa being suspicious and paranoid. Playlist Profiling: Kimberly from Puyallup is a cool chick. Young’n’+Shade: The new music sensation perform their new song which is a tribute to Tacoma and an homage to Dan+Shay+Beebs.